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Friday, July 16, 2010

Body Language

I am hungry.

The notion that I am hungry is interesting feeling. Reading what my body needs or wants is sometimes like trying to listen to someone speaking quietly.

I'm hungry..


I'm hungry!

I can't hear you!!

Thusly most of the time I end up ignoring my body's cues for food and often sleep. This isn't because I am some sort of lazy idiot. But rather because it took me years to understand what my body is saying. So I trained myself to eat at certain points of the day. I skip breakfast a lot because ideaism of "appropriate food choices" and left over pizza isn't a breakfast food. So I eat two meals a day. Once in the afternoon around 1pm (or rather 2:3opm) and again around 8pm. I lack a stable appetite. I often had days when I don't eat because I am not hungry. Interestingly enough, I try find appropriate food choices but end up eating whatever is around and much of it is unhealthy. 

But, understanding that I am hungry or the need to unirinate...seems to be a learning skill for me. I can read my bladder my fine, but my stomach talks too soft and sometimes I am just too tired to go up and get food. It's a weird feeling of learning to know when you are hungry. 

It really is. 

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  1. I like to keep store-bought Rice-Crispies Treats around. Handy, satisfying, and only 90 calories. They give me the energy (and time) to think about preparing an actual meal. Got a boneless chicken thigh thawing out in the oven, going to have it with Stove-Top Stuffing, maybe a little cottage cheese. Sometimes I just boil a hot dog (actually a beef knockwurst) and have it on a slice of bread, along with some cottage cheese. I rarely go to much trouble making dinner.