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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cure for Sale

Sorry I haven't been posting a whole lot there has been a whole lot of change as of late and I just haven't had the energy to post something. However now that I have an hour before work I decided to do some catch up.

The funny thing about parents especially those that have the "cure now" mindset, is that money is no object. The will buy anything as long as it's claimed to cure this or this. Humans are rather gullible huh? However I had a did have bit of serendipitous moment the other day or week rather, proving that people are not so easily swayed.

Craiglist is like the Russian roulette of ads, you don't know where the bullet is. However I saw an ad about a family looking for someone to play with their autistic daughter, lets call her Tanya. I read the ad and it looked plausible enough so I called the father and we arranged a few thing. I had a friend drive me to friggin Newark for my first therapy session with Tanya. The apparently use another form of therapy called "Son-Rise". This kind of therapy isn't instructive but has a Montessori feel to it. Child led and all. It mentions that you are suppose to praise the child for eye contact as well as join in with the child as he or she stims. The pamphlet notes that the therapy suggests you join the child in their world. Which seems to be more of a "pos-autive" concept. I was on board with that and I was also eager to do this program with Tanya.

The first session was pretty tense. Tanya didn't know I was coming (oooh lose a point parents)so she was tense, I could feel it. She was also really high energy but so am I so I kept up with her. Over all the first session was about getting to know who I am and what my boundaries are. She figured out fast that I am not the kind of person that break easily (kid tough for your enjoyment), in the end we played connect four and we seem to made our own kind of connection the only downside was the fact she was upset when I touched her barbies and dolls (my bad) she was still upset at me for it. I have feeling that she is gonna be holding this grudge for a while...bummer.

Overall, I found this session to be different from most experiences with pro-cure parents (how do I know they are pro-cure? They want their child completely off the autistic spectrum though this therapy....uh yeah...good luck with that) Hopefully if I don't say anything about human rights, socio-ethics, neurodiversity that this could totally be a long term volunteer gig.

Into Curbie hell I go

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