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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Token Anti-Vaxxer rant

It have been here for a month I haven't gave a huge rant on anti-vaxxers yet. Odd. Well I'll be correcting that tonight.

I could probably spew the same old diatribe that every parent of autistic child has vomited out in the course of the last three/four years, when it comes to Anti-vaxxers and their pro-disease bull.

But that would be uncreative and rather dull and as much as I would love to hump the bandwagon I decide to pretty much repeat the same tripe I said in other essays.

To the pro-diease parents. Stop. Stop calling us 'sheople' when ironicly herd-mentality and groupthink is the sole mechanics of your little cabal. Go join peace-corps and watch children in Africa die of polio and other infectious dieases go laugh in the faces of parents whose children died of H1N1 and simply say "nature is just weeding out the weak". I want to see how ballsy all you hens are, I want to see how brave you are in the face of real trama and real heart break. Yes having a sevearly autistic child does put a damper on your dinner parties and yuppie fraterizing. It's God's way of making you grow the hell up stop pretending you children are perfect little special snowflakes.

News flash.

We're not.

We're all bags of shit ready to be stuffed up with embalming fluid or end up as some headline on CNN. All our lives in the great grand scheme of things, are rather pathetic. We're all gonna end up dead eventually and some in terrible ways. I don't sitting on my blog gloryfiying myself, nor do I go around pitying myself either. Pro-diease parents stand on their pro-cure pedastles, while shoving their fingers up the ir twat and going about how much of "hero" they are. While turning their children in to personal lab-rats to treat their broke and spoiled self-esteem. You're not hero's or "warriors" your fucking white anglo-yuppies with god-complexes.

Fuck you.

Anti-vaxxers however are just a waste of my time. They are not worth preaching to honestly I don't know why I try. But the parents who are still on the fence and are trying pick a side. Don't. Don't bother stay neutral, but listen to your damn children and not your peers.

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