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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Restless Hands (Fic post)

Restless Hands

AN: First paragraph is in the POV of Hanai then it's in the POV of Tikaani, modern interpretation for this story

I just got a call from Elang this evening that the roads are slick and the snow is piling up. He saw two crashes along the Outerbelt of 260 and the weather is getting worse. Which means a snow day for Tikaani. Normally I handle these things with ease but this being our second snow day in a row. I am totally seeing a pair of restless hands tomorrow. If only I can find away to keep them occupied.


Auntie says tomorrow I do not go to school, but stay at home. I know that the weather is very bad and dangerous and that is why I cannot go to school, but I want to. I want to see my teachers and my friends Kyle and Samina. I do not want to stay home. I am upset over this, something I can't control or see. I wish I could make the weather go away so I can go to school and not stay at home bored.


Tikaani's tantrum this evening is a sign of his disappointment. Not surprising. It may seem funny to most parents but Tikaani doesn't like snow days all that much. He doesn't like that fact that his entire daily routine is turned on it's head. Once again he has to say at home. Frustrating that is. I told him tomorrow he can help me make supper, and do laundry and watch movies. He seems unmoved by it, typical. He swings his head around and pulls on his hair. Tikaaniese for "I am not thrilled about this Auntie". Well with Ndari coming tomorrow, maybe Tikaani would be less bored with his little cousin.

Probably not considering his distaste for her.


Oh great, Ndari is coming over tomorrow too! Just what I need, an annoying little cousin taking my books, taking my games and my toys and changing the channel while I am watching TV. I am glad that Auntie can't have any babies anymore because she is too old, because most likely, I would have sold my new cousin to gypsies. Or Roma, Auntie says that "gypsies" is a pejorative word. So I have to use Roma.


Tikaani calmed down now, which means I can get some house work done. Hopefully tomorrow, Tikaani won't sell his little cousin to the circus.

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  1. :-) I enjoyed this! The girls get a second snow day here; they are busily chatting with each other in the other room, happy at the chance to be with each other. That is fortunate; they don't get bored very often.