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Friday, April 8, 2011

Xenophobia (comment repost)

This is a comment I made at left/Right brain. http://leftbrainrightbrain.co.uk/2011/04/reconsidering-the-nature-of-autism/#comment-157495

Funny how this is about pain of words when I did something similar myself

It's funny you mention xenophobia Daedalus. Reading this and Drone's mind-numbing dehumanization of his child. It makes me think of the metaphors I use when describing autism to other folks. I often use the metaphor of sapien non-humans (my dragon people for instance you can read them here http://drakkhanistories.blogspot.com/) to parallel the experience of being an autist in a non-autistic word. It's easier for people to justify the abuse, the "at home" mad-science the so-called treatments. It's no different than 5th century Ireland. We were changelings then and were still changelings now.

Writing the discrimination between non human sentient beings and humans, is funny how much it echoes. Humans assume stereotypes as facts (IE all satyrs are boozers and rapists) they make assumptions based on emotions (IE the idea that we should hide our children away from nagas because they will eat them) we speak for them without say and so forth. It's funny while writing this I was allegorizing my own experiences as an activist.

Which brings an amused thought. Even if were not human, would our value be erased? Would our sentience be judged? Would be become a myth too?

Are autists humans or are they changelings switched out of their native faerie lands into this weird human word.

Funny thought huh?


  1. No idea how I found this, but the comment about changelings caught my attention. My bio-mother accused me of being a changeling when I was very little and the idea stuck with me. Until I was told I had classic autism, it was the only logical conclusion I could find that made any sense.

    I like the idea of being a changeling much better than the idea of being an alien, which I've heard far more often from people with aspergers. I belong on this planet, just not among humans. The earth accepts me just fine, it's the humans that don't.

  2. I often use the metaphor of the changelings to describe passing, I even wrote an essay allegorizing the concept of kitsune or the Japanese fox myth. Playing on the idea of "shape-changing" the ability to pass as a human (non-autist) and to change back into an fox (autist) and so forth.

    I agree I like the concept of being a changeling more so than the "alien" metaphor. I came from this world. This worlds is native, but the people I live with, raised me and interact with are not my people. Yet, I can not return to Tir Na Og, I can't go back to my fae people. So I learn to live among humans and be part of their world.


  3. Do you think it is a sign of insanity, to have spent one's childhood believing one was an actual changeling?
    I suppose autism might be a more reasonable explanation, but I didn't get told I was autistic when I was little.

    I don't know what/where Tir Na Og is. For me the forest felt more like home than any house I've ever been in, but it still wasn't quite right. I never did learn to live among humans, though. I stay away from people as much as I can, they most often leave me feeling sick and dizzy.

  4. I don't think it's insane, then again I spent ten years among folks that believe that they have the souls of elves, angels and other mythical beings so it's not a big shocker. I rather believed to be a changeling than possessed by the devil.

    Tir Na Og, is known as the Fair Lands, it's the Irish land of the fairies. I often too felt home in the woods and the fens of where I grew up. It's quiet and yet vibrant.

  5. Sometimes I wish I still believed I was just a changeling, instead of being autistic. Then there would still be the hope of being able to eventually go home. Wherever home is. To people who would understand, and wouldn't try to make me be something I am not. Wistful thinking, and I don't actually mind being alone though I am curious what it would be like. I spent most of my childhood looking for the way home, so I guess I would have found it if it had existed!

    To my bio-mother, a changeling was equivalent to being possessed by the devil. Same result at least, I'd go to hell either way. Hell was a forgone conclusion with me since infancy. It's sad, for her, to believe such an awful thing. I try to avoid believing awful things, it makes life more pleasant.

    I have met people who believed they had the souls of elves, dragons, other things. I think, hard to remember, what exactly. My questioning, I think just my presence too, was violently unwelcomed. Whatever they were (or were not), I was not like them.

    Also, I apologize if I am not supposed to keep posting comments on your journal. It is interesting, I suppose that's why. But I don't know the correct way of doing things or what is appropriate and what isn't. I don't intend to be rude or offend.

  6. Also, I apologize if I am not supposed to keep posting comments on your journal. It is interesting, I suppose that's why. But I don't know the correct way of doing things or what is appropriate and what isn't. I don't intend to be rude or offend.

    Feel free to post where ever you like, I'll correct you if you say something that isn't inappropriate (and I'll be nice about it)