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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thoughts on Adam

So my friend Justin gave me another movie to watch. It was Adam which it was something I have been wanting to review since October. I'll probably discuss in detail when I return with Prism*Vox (yes folks it's coming back).

More or less this movie was the most emotionally draining think I have seen in years. I never cried that much until I saw Adam. Mostly because I have been through what he has gone through. I have lost my job and spent months hunting. Relationships have also been exhausting too. Over all I liked the movie. I adored Adam, he is so adorkable and I related to him much better than Beth. The ending was bitter-sweet and touching, but to me it in forced the stereotype that NTs and Autists can't be together (oops spoiler) Thanks Fox entertainment.

I still need time for this to sink in. The emotions I have are still pliable still textual. I think the movie is great but keep in mind it's meant for NTs. Also I was floored when Adam actually said "NTs" "Neurotypicals" and "Aspies". Anyway aspies go ahead and watch just prepared for a bawl fest.

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