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Sunday, February 7, 2010


The late afternoon sun cast an orange shadow on the blue icy walls of Tikaani's home. Exhaling a low sigh, the young man sunk himself deeper into the warm but salty water.
Not quite the ocean but close enough, Tikaani shut his eyes for a moment but when he opened them the shadow was gone. It confused him. What happened to it? Why did it leave? Tikaani missed the warm vermillion glow of the setting sun, on the pale walls. He made a soft moan and dripped some of the water on to the floor. Watching it drip from his finger in steady consistent patterns.
Sometimes ideas can be like shadows. One minute there are there the next the evaporate and you spent all day trying to remember what it was to bring back that elusive shadow. My words are like that. Shadows that come and go. Some days I can remember things clearly and speak. Other days the shadows are gone and things are overcast. There are things that are Not-Quite-Real and things that Real-But-Not-Seen. Shadows tend to fall into the Not-Quite-Real page. You can't touch one, or move it, but you can see it and change it to some degree. Words are also Not-Quite-Real. The have no form, no shape but people are so controlled by them. Why?

Diving back into the water Tikaani let thoughts drift...like late afternoon shadows.

As the late afternoon drifts on and the day continue to drip like water. I sigh as I procrastinate in packing and organizing thing. My evaluation for my job is coming up and I feel nervous but not scared. More nervous with uncertainty than anything else. Security is a lot like Tikaani's thoughts on "shadows" it's elusive and hard to contain and maybe it's "Not-Quite-Real" I find it hard to feel secure with my job, with my homelife with my blog. It's elusive and you can't quite touch it. The unknown of it all is like unsolvable puzzle. You can't make heads or tails of it and you spend hours predicting it. Honestly I fear the unknown. So do many NTs too.


  1. I hope all goes well with your evaluation.

    Just came across this discussion of cultural considerations in fantasy fiction and thought you might find it interesting...

  2. It's bit old but yes thank you cultural appropriation is something to consider, it's something I watch occasionally even when I write from a fantastic universe that borrows heavily from Asian mythos and culture.