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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Looking outside the box

Neurodiversity seems to be a word that resonates exclusively within the autism community. I've noticed a lot when an individual states that he for the neurodiverse that he also some how related to the Autism community. 

I've noticed this monopoly, and I don't know if I quiet like it

I found this blog last night (late at night) and I was pleasantly surprised. When you assumed that neurodiversity seems to be an autism only phenomenon, find someone else outside of the autism community that supports neurodiversity is quite reassuring. 

We go on how neurodiversity celebrates those with alter-neurologies but when we look at the people that are part of the movement and advocate it we just seem bland trail of people only connected by autism. Now I do know about the 'Rett Devil' and several people that have synthesia and ADD which is wonderful and I am proud of that, but it feels so one sided. Where are other supporters around the developmental disability community? Are there parents with Down's syndrome children that support neurodiversity? William's syndrome or Angleman's? Fragile X even? 

I am rather curious to see who else advocate's neurodiversity...I don't want to believe it's just an autism only movement. Who else with in the DD community advocates it? 

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