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Thursday, February 11, 2010


It's the early half of morning as I sit on a Aero-bed and drink coffee. A lot of things happened which allowed me to reside with Katie my younger sister. 

First, was yesterday when Husband-That-Shalt-Not-Be-Named lost his job. You can assume some of the dialogue and make estimations on how mad I was. I was mad because he lost job yes but most how it echoed the fact I am working my ass off not to get fired and hell according to his performance reviews he was slacking off and making mistakes. 


So now I am with my sister after she suggest I stay with her to make things more comfortable. I agreed. Now the change of moving to my dad's is linked with the change of moving with my sister for the rest of February. I am quite overwhelmed. 

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  1. Big hugs.((())) I hope everything works out okay.