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Monday, March 22, 2010

AH fuckit!

I am just so pissy today. I just want to break something, scream, stim for hours. I don't feel like eating or drawing really, except for this mood-doodle of Tikaani. I don't know why, but god I just feel like shit.


For those who want a life update, I am off of insurance (BOOO) and I am out of meds (DAMNIT) so I have been taking Tyleno PM to get to sleep. It's lovely side effects is me waking up with upset tummy and drinking pepto. I don't know if I am having withdrawl or I am on my invisible period or I am just being a moody aspie.

My dad is working with Aztec-Zenaca the makers of Seroquel, in an attempt to get me on their drug program so I can get my pills for free. If I pass then I can get the medication I need. I still need to call MR/DD and ask for an appeal since I was rejected and then I need to sit down with both my mom and dad and work out some goals for the next year or two.


I wish I had mom to give me a hug right now. I really need one ):


  1. ((())) How can I help? Do you wanna set up the chip in while you're working this out with the drug company?

  2. No drugs are 190 and I don't want to take that much money from people without doing something in return.

    I am debating whether I should set up an ad sense.

  3. It can't hurt. Does your doc have any samples, in the meantime, or a less expensive med that might work in the short term? ((()))