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Friday, March 26, 2010

Welcome Home

I had an idea few weeks ago...I am still fleshing it out but I want to shoot the idea here for some of my readers.

The Odysseus House
Basically it's a house off of OSU campus that is a transitional home for ASD adults. I want it to be fully accessible and open for all types of autists. It's temporary home for adults who need a place to stay (say moving away from parents, looking for a dorm, needing housing for a few months...etc) also a place for adults to practice necessary life skills in an environment that fosters independence. I want it to be a safe place for autists, to be among other autists and not feel forced to be normal in front of everyone. Where stimming is welcome as well as obsessive special interests. It's not a group home so autists are free to come and go when they need to. No one is force to required to stay in the Odysseus House. It's fully welcoming to care-takers or aids for autists. Accommodation of all kinds should be welcomed as long as they are reasonable. The residents work together and use teamwork as well as fostering social skills to solve problems. No one NT should be in charge. It should be home for autists by autists.

So what are people's opinions of this...since my run in with housing limbo, I think it's time for use to grab the reigns and try to make a home for those that need one. So any critiques or ideas?


  1. Sounds like an excellent idea. :-)

  2. That does sound excellent. How do you go about making it happen? I imagine starting with one...and the idea catching fire..until these houses are everywhere. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

  3. That would be wonderful, right now I want to talk to the people in charge of local autism support groups and eventually to parents.

    Hopefully during the coming month I'll be able to have some ears to pitch my idea too.