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Saturday, April 3, 2010


I got bored today...so I was practicing some coloring. Yesterday I was with Melanie posting more flyers around OUS campus. We both had the great idea about confronting the AutSpks both that was at the South Oval, but closer we got the more apprehensive Mel was. As for me, well I was fired up and ready to go. I think I was channeling a little bit of Thelma that day. But she decided to talk to our group adviser and plan a more affective attack. So we decided just to flyer-bomb campus and then later she is going talk to student organization consul about using "Counter" signs, next to AutSpks signs with facts about AutSpks the organization. If this approved, well look out AutSpks *evil laugh*

It's sneezy, icky and coughy. I can't breath and hacking up green globs. I can barely tolerate the humidity or the heat. I am not use to this at all and all the dust from the roads. Rahmet says that Ba Sing Se is city of change and that adult needs to go with the flow. In fact as Water Tribe I should be more fluid to change. It's not change I am bugged out about. It's fact I can't breath at night and my nose is runny. UGH!

Gods damn allergies. I never got this back in North.

Easter Weekend I will have the prompts done. Like Tikaani I am having an icky kind of day.


  1. Love the green! And the coloring. :-) We should all channel some Thelma (and Louise, only she's saucier) every now and then! heehee.

    Hope the icky day improves.

  2. yeah...sorry about the icky day...allergies? Love the new picture..:)