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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Useless facts

Whats your characters name?: Tikaani

Does your character like their name?: He likes the sound of his name, as a child he use to parrot it.

What does your character wish their name was?: Tikaani wouldn't want to change his name, but little known fact is that his mother was going to name him Kai, his dad disagreed because it was too common.

How good is your characters vision?: Tikaani has some vision issues but sees rather wells

Whats your characters favorite color?: he is calmed by soft pale blues and grays. Texture is big deal for him.

Is your character right handed, left handed or ambidextrous?: Tikaani is a south paw.

Does your character like Salty, Sweet, Sour or Starchy foods?: Taste is hard to pick for Tikaani, but as far as those go, he likes sweet a lot and anything that has a crunch or texture to it. He craves salty too…

What's your characters favorite food?: Plain rice and candied ginger

Does you character like hot drinks or cold drinks?: Hyposenstive, Tikaani wouldn’t have a preference.

What's your characters favorite drink? Buffaloyak milk warmed lightly and when he gets older he enjoys winteroot cider

How does your character like their food cooked? (medium raw, welldone): Tikaani doesn’t like meat much except for sushi. So rare foods.

How does your character sleep?(back, side, stomach): stomach, with his face covered.

Does your character toss or turn at night?: Oh he stims a lot at night (stimming is what autistics do a lot. Such as body rocking and hand flapping) Mostly just flailing his legs (I do this too actually)

How deep a sleeper is your character?: Wakes up frequently and makes noises and then goes back to bed…

When is the best time for your character to sleep? (morning, evening? ..... till noon?): Hanai notices that if he sleeps in the afternoon he is a lot more calmer in the evening but never sleeps at night long enough

What does your character think is their best (physical) attribute?: Tikaani likes his hair and smile.

What does your character think is their best personality trait?: His curiosity

What part of another persons body do they find the most attractive?: Hair especially long hair. He shows his attraction by pulling on it and petting it. He likes the texture and probably smell.

What part of another persons personality to their find the most attractive?: Calmness and being easy going

How does your character view them self?: Unbroken and whole

What season was your character born in?: Spring time.

Is your character an animal person?: No not really since some animals scare him senseless.

What is your characters favorite animal?: Tolerates sled-dogs

If your character could have any pet they wanted what would they have?: Probably something like his plush seal.

How does your character like the space around them? (cluttered, obsessively neat) Really messy.

Has your character ever been to another continent? Cui Bono had him all over the place

What's one thing your character wants more than anything? A way to communicate. To express what he wants.

How does your character feel about bondage? >D I think restraint would be more of a turn off, however he likes water bending as foreplay <.<

How has your character changed since their creation?: He probably one of my most evolved characters.

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