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Friday, March 4, 2011

ASAN upcoming projects

A few things are in the making with the Columbus ASAN.

-Workshops for Self-Advocacy
Coming this May with the help of the Nisonger Center, ASAN C-bus is gonna be hosting hour and half self advocacy work shops for teenagers. We're gonna be focusing on many topics and use interactive games and dialogue to stimulate and and encourage folks to stand up and speak for them selves.

-Poetry Jam: To kick off National Poetry month and world Autism Awareness day, ASAN C-bus is having a Poetry jam on April 2. A quiet and relax atmosphere totally beats any gala or Walk. It's by an autist for an autist event where folks and even parents can come bring their poetry, short stories or even song to sing. I will be doing a monologue and some poetry we will also show case art by autistic artists.

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