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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Walking the road to Hell and I am channeling C.S Lewis

No opening fiction piece this morning. It's gonna be short and sweet.

I think parents are wonderful. I adore writing stories about parents and their children and if you haven't noticed most of my characters have foster and adoptive parents. Tikaani, Kulap(my swamp shaman who was raised by he grandfather) My airbender boys (Chiko the one with the missing arm was raised by Yomi his elder brother/father figure) and even my magical characters. Taahaj one of the leads in my novel Rubicon was cared by Circe and Ezra two mages in a modern magical city.

However...parents of autistic children often walk the road to hell. Their good intentions and and misguided sympathy often leads children down the path of self-hate and distrust of older people. I am not talking about parents that love their children and see their autistic son or daughter as whole. But the biomed moms who are still wrestling that the world doesn't revolve around them anymore. I wondered if these parents forgot what it's like to not meet your parents expectations or rather have that constantly haunt them and they transfer that feeling to their own children.

Children are accessories or status objects but for the white yuppie culture. That's what they end up as. Parents love bragging about their children and anthropomorphic children (dogs) and it's no surprise if they end up with imperfect diagnosis that they will change that convincing themselves it's to make their son happy. Which is a pretty lie to hide the selfish truth.

How many parents that do biomed talk to their kids about treatment? If they too young to understand why. Don't do it.

To juxtaposition something else. The Drakkhani people (and my post on language was featured the other day on shift) are something of allegory on autistic people. I mentioned in my FAQ on them that they are somewhat "aspie" that is to say that they have very constructed thinking. Whilst their logic isn't at the "Vulcan" level; they really don't get human social behavior, and they have a very complex and mysterious language. They are not very good at some human tasks but they exceed in others. They have complex culture that people don't understand any many try to humanize them. While Drakkhani culture isn't like autistic culture the feeling being marginalized is there and to be frank it was after I analyzed them that I saw they connection. I was never my intent but some how they end up resonating with autistic people. They are also an androgynous culture too. They don't have issues with gender or sex as humans do since they themselves have little sexual dimorphism.

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