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Friday, October 2, 2009

Who's Tikaani?

For those that frequent my blog on LJ might notice this little guy popping up. Tikaani is a fan character for the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe. He has a bit of background but he mostly a mascot for the blog. You won't have to know much about the universe he is from, but he will show up a lot in the blog.

For a quick info buzz, Tikaani is often portayed around age 15-16. He is a semi-verbal autist that lives with his aunt and two uncles. His parents didn't want to raise delayed child and had places of following the old tradtioning of throwing him into the ocean. Hanai rescued him and raised him with her children. Eventually, Tikaani grows up to be a shaman. <3 Tikaani is from a culture that lives in the universe's north pole, so much of the Water Tribe's culture has a bit of inuit flavor.

Tikaani, loves his Auntie, and warm milk, the ocean, his furs and his plush animals. He is good at mimicking sounds and can repeat conversations he has heard. He is also good at mimicking beats for drumming.