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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dear Friends

Hey friends,

I know my identity as a transman is new and scary for some of you. And you are at lost at what to do. My response is simple. I am still Bard. I am still, funny, quirky, smart and still me. My gender has changed but myself as a whole has not. You don't need you to treat me "like a guy" I just wanted to be treated like me.

With respect

This is a letter to all of the folks that decided to shove me into a box and treat me with nonchalant indifference when I am hurt from mistreatment. It's funny how being trans and autistic kinda intersect in that regard

Also Jesus!goat died for your sins


  1. I'm glad you're comfortable enough with who you are to reveal that. It changes nothing for me; you still have my support and friendship.

  2. I accept you however you are, whatever you identify as. It's your right to be who you are, just as everyone else should have that right.

    I know I've tried, and it's just no use trying to be something I'm not. It can't be done, not really, and anyone who tries is just setting him/herself up for failure.