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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Surprise Fan

My mom woke me up this morning with a phone call telling me that is picking me up gawd awfully early for my disilussionment hearing. Here we go. Then we have SSI matters and then we're gonna see if we can get me on Food Stamps meaning more money for art 8D

However this morning is probably going to start off the weird today. I received an PM (private message) From someone that read my Literacy Narrative.

Hi, I'm Annie and I am a freshman at the University of Central Florida. I was
browsing the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives for an English assignment
when I saw a video where you were talking about your experiences and opinions
about Autism( just in case you don't remember, it was around February of
2010). I was really happy when you mentioned that you were on
http://www.Fanfiction.net and I wanted to see if I could talk to you. You
showed me a few things about autism and even Avatar: The Last Airbender that I
didn't realize too much before. I wanted to thank you and I also wanted to ask
if it's possible for us to be friends. I know you might think I'm just some
random and weird person that just PMed you out of the blue, but you really
inspired me with that video. I can't wait to read your work and I'm hoping
that once I finally get around to posting my poems and short stories, that you
can help me improve my writing and give some feedback. Thanks and I hope that
you don't think I'm too weird and that I hear back from you soon!


I know right? How cool and weird is that.

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  1. That's pretty awesome.

    I'm sorry I've been scarce lately. Will I see you Thursday? I have a lot to tell you about!