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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pecking orders

One of the most interesting trends I have noticed among my walk through the Autism community is a schism that most people rarely noticed.

The schism is the out right classism of the Cure-based parents and autists. Many of these adults are white and have the class privilege of buying into the over the top and expensive woo out there. Those that are on the poverty belt (fuck the "line"), can give into the expensive GFCF diets, pills, weird programs or any other "treatments" out there.

((forgot this bit))
In that stance I see these parents giving into the bullshit judge other parents who simply don't have the means. Sometimes obviously, other times with the backhanded comment that "I will do anything for my child and if you can't, you obviously shouldn't be a parent." I see it discourse with parents discussing treatments. The biggest judgers are the "White middle-class" moms.

Not surprising.

I am kinda curious how deep this rabbit hole goes. I wonder if culture is part of this issue on why white middle-upper class Americans are the most prevalent when it comes to woo?

Perhaps this is more ammo for my "Changeling Culture" essay.


  1. Interesting ideas. I think you've got something. People with money left over after the bills are paid have the $ to spend chasing cures.

    Lower middle-class families and those living in poverty do not.

    There is an element of yuppyism to it; the same old class warfare that children are all too well aware of; the haves and the have-nots.

  2. Oh and I love the purple and the sketch at the top. :-)

  3. I think there is definitely a dissonance

  4. Oh! and I am glad you like the Tikaani doodle