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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Surreal walk down memory lane

For those that don't know. I am being re-evaluated for my Aspergers diagnosis. I am trying to get actual testing done so I can get services from Franklin County DD. Which has been a bureaucratic nightmare. During the several test and the hundreds of dollars that we shelled out (Which I felt guilty for my mom paying for all of this), we did the ADIAR test which was basically an interview about my childhood to see if I failed any developmental markers that would label me as an autist.

Dec 1 was the first half of the test. It was pretty surreal to hear that I was developmentally late physically and that I lack I think pragmatic speech (I was verbal but never used it to interact socially and to have conversations) I never had interactive play as a child and no eye contact. Today we finished the test and the entire evaluation. I felt a sense of pain for my mom today. As she recalled parts of my childhood that were well...heartbreaking. She always wanted eye contact from me but never got it. I never kept friends, and I withdrew a lot as a child. From the interview, it honestly sounds like I missed a lot of social markers. While I did communicate it was basically needs "Momma I want this, Momma get me this." or feelings but really not to anyone juts myself "I'm tired, I'm sad" and so forth. I recalled rituals of sitting in a particular spot at dinner religiously watching a particular program at a certain time. I stimmed a lot as a child and all the way to adult hood. I formed attachments with objects than people (Esse the frog and Sebastian the cat). It seem like I hit most of the symptoms.

Hopefully this evaluation and the others will make it apparent that I do have an ASD and confirm what I know is true.

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  1. Evaluations are always difficult since they concentrate only on deficits and not on the totality of the person. ((()))